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Sink Faucet, TECCPO Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel Review


The kitchen can be considered as one of the busiest places in the house. Most of the people spend their maximum time in the kitchen, and therefore it calls for the best set of equipment. Nowadays, people are renovating their kitchen as per the latest trends. They are adding an elegant touch to it with all the modern fittings. A kitchen faucet is one such thing that makes for a handy tool in the kitchen.

A modern kitchen is incomplete without a beautiful faucet for the sink. These faucets get loaded with multiple features that come with a great help during the busiest hours in the kitchen. They are incredibly stylish yet very user-friendly. The taps are designed with numerous useful functions that make the washing and cleaning tasks easy for the users. They can work as a sprayer and can also stream water. These kitchen faucets add a touch of elegance to the kitchen and grab the eyeballs of anybody visiting the house.

Today, there are numerous varieties of kitchen faucets available in the market from different well-renowned brands. But theTECCPO Single Handlekitchen sink faucet is the one that stands out in the crowd due to its multiple useful functions. It is undoubtedly one of the must-haves for a modern kitchen as it will co-operate with you entirely at times of rush.

Reasons for buying TECCPO Single Handle kitchen sink faucet

The single handle kitchen sink faucet from TECCPO will give you various reasons to choose it over others. It is built as you would want an ideal kitchen faucet to be. The tap performs all types of functions and is very easy to install. There are various types of advanced technologies used while manufacturing it, which has increased its usability many-fold times.

This faucet is built highly durable and perfect for using extensively. It will add a sober touch to your kitchen and will complement the area it has been fit in. There are a host of other advantages of using this faucet from TECCPO that will be discussed below in this article.

A complete leak-proof faucet

Most of the kitchen faucets have multiple useful features in them and look excellent. But after using them for some years, they start exhibiting various problems. The most common issue has to be that of leaking of water. Most of the kitchen faucets start leaking water after using them extensively. But you will never face this problem with the TECCPO Single Handle kitchen sink faucet.

This faucet has got built with a very superior quality of ceramic valve that is designed specially in Germany. The ceramic valve ensures that not a single drop of water drips off the faucet once it is turned off. Therefore you can safely conclude that no matter how tightly you turn this faucet off, it will never disappoint you by leaking water. The German ceramic valve will never wear off despite continuous usage of the faucet. It will also help you conserve each drop of the precious water.

Built extremely durable

Breakage or discoloration of faucets after using it continuously is widespread. But you will never witness them in this faucet from TECCPO. It has got a very high quality of plating process that eliminates any such possibility. The faucet will remain as new for your whole life. The color on it will stay as it is throughout without any visible hard stain on the body. You can use the faucet as much as you want, but the outer shine will never go off.

Most of the faucets lose their color as there are hard stains formed on them. The salts present in water forms a hard layer on the taps which vanishes the shine from their outer body. But this will never be the case with this single handle faucet. There are also no chances of it breaking off as it is made up of superior quality of materials. The hoses and the fittings accompanying this product will remain intact for a lifetime.

Loaded with a sprayer having multiple functions

The faucet has got built with a sprayer that has got three different functions. It can spray water, stream water, and halt the operations as required. One can use the faucet according to one's needs. During the busiest hours in the kitchen, when you will have to complete a lot of tasks, then you will receive the maximum help from this faucet from TECCPO.

The sprayer will allow you to use the various functions of this faucet and switch between them effortlessly. A switch on the sprayer that makes the switching task very easy. The two water flowing modes also make the cleaning task seamless.

In the spray mode, the water is sprayed out at a very high speed through a powerful sprayer having numerous holes on it. It helps in removing the stubborn stains like food particles from the dishes. The spray mode is also great for washing fruits and vegetables as the water flows at a great force and removes the dust particles off them.

The stream mode is meant for cleaning and filling up vessels. An aerated stream of water flows from the sprayer head in the stream mode. It makes the cleaning task faster and can also fill up large vessels in a short time. Therefore, there is no need for waiting long for filling up containers.

The pause mode is meant for switching between the two other ways of spray and stream. You can easily spray and stream water with the help of the pause button. It is very seamless in function and allows switching very fast. You can prevent water from splashing off with the help of the smooth handle. Thus you will be able to use the faucet as you want without splashing a single drop of water outside the sink.

Equipped with a retractable hose

The TECCPO Single Handle kitchen sink faucet gets fitted with a retractable hose that allows the maximum amount of movement to it. You can extend the spray head and maneuver it precisely as you want. The tube can reach out to a wide range of area as it is 15 inches in length. You can pull the hose out and fill up big vessels outside the sink. All the corners of the sink can be reached with this retractable hose.

It is beneficial if you have a sink fitted in the kitchen with two bowls. A single faucet can function comfortably in the two bowls of the sink. You can use the hose extensively without any fear of damaging it as the best materials have been used while manufacturing this product.

Built with safe materials

The water coming out of this faucet can be consumed without any worries as the materials used in this product are safe with drinking water. There will be no sort of chemical reaction taking place in drinking water if it comes in contact with the inner body of this faucet. The materials are certified by the standardized authorities of CUPC and NSF and therefore, can be trusted blindly.

This kitchen faucet is made up of solid brass and has no contents of lead in it. The hose is certified by NSF, which means that they are sterilized for pouring out water that can be consumed without any fear.

Offers a swivel of 360 degrees

This kitchen faucet can be rotated a complete circle, that is, 360 degrees. It is extremely flexible and smooth and can be rotated in all the directions. You can position it as per your convenience and carry out your cleaning tasks. All the massive vessels need not be displaced from one place to another for cleaning or filling. Instead, you can move the hose as required and fill the vessels.

The arch of the faucet is very high and thus allowing the user to place the largest vessels he has under it. You will also find it helpful while cleaning dirty plates as there is a lot of space for moving it conveniently and cleaning all both sides of it.

Single handle with multiple functions

The TECCPO Single Handle kitchen sink faucet has a single handle integrated within it for various purposes. You can control the temperature and volume of the water flowing out of the valve using this handle. The faucet can pour out mixed hot and cold water, and you can control it as you need. You can also use the handle for pouring the water at a very high speed or a low on based on your requirements.

Hose built with Counter-Weight Technology

The hose of this faucet is retractable and goes back to its mean position once you leave it. It is due to the fantastic technology of Counterweight used in it. The gravitational weight is set correctly within the faucet that helps it in returning to its position without any effort from you. Therefore a smooth docking of this faucet can be witnessed by the user.

The docking system used in this product is of high quality that will help the sprayer stay in its original position. It will prevent it from falling off throughout life.

Technical specifications of the faucet

Weight of the product

5 pounds

Dimensions of the product

17.3 * 9.8 * 2 inches

Size of the product


Color of the faucet

Stainless steel

Style of the product


Finish of the faucet

Brushed Nickel

Body material of the product


Material of the handle

An alloy of Zinc

Type of valve used

German Ceramic Valve

Shape of the faucet

Curved with a high arch

Method of installation


Extension length of the faucet

15 inches

Length of the hose

15 inches

Number of basins  in the product


Total number of holes in the faucet


Height of the spout

8.5 inches

Reach of the spout

8.5 inches

Number of handles in the faucet


Control of the handle

Temperature and volume of the water flowing

Modes of the sprayer

Stream, spray, and pause

Swivel allowed by the faucet

360 degrees

Temperature of the water flowing

Mixed hot and cold

Lead present in the faucet


Is the water pouring out safe for consumption?


Faucet certified by


Hose of the faucet


Technology used in the hose

Counter Weight Technology

Manufacturing brand


Warranty provided by the manufacturer

5 years



Review from the users

4.8 out of 5 stars amongst 150 user reviews



Contents of the packaging of the product

The manufacturer of this faucet provides 7 different items in its packing box. They are:

One piece of TECCPO kitchen faucet

A base plate

One base ring

A counterweight for the retractable hose

Nuts for fixing the faucet

A warranty card

Lastly, a user manual with all the instructions printed on it clearly

The installation process of the kitchen faucet

The TECCPO Single Handle kitchen sink faucet is straightforward to install. There are very few steps that need to be followed for installing the product on the sink in the kitchen. The steps are summed up below:

  • At first, take the deck plate and the gray deck plate and place them on the countertop decided for installing the product
  • Both of the plates should be placed horizontally
  • Then you will have to align the deck plate hole with that of the countertop
  • Next, insert the three hoses of the faucet into the hole present on the countertop
  • Place all the nuts in the correct order and tighten it with the help of a wrench
  • Then you will have to fit the sprayer hose weight inside the hose of the faucet
  • After tightening the screws, you will have to place the tube inside the quick-connector
  • Then you will have to connect the hose to the hot and cold water connections
  • Cross-check all the parts of the faucet to ensure it is functioning perfectly

Make your cleaning tasks easy with this kitchen faucet

The TECCPO Single Handle kitchen sink faucet is meant for brilliant performance in the kitchen. It can be operated smoothly and allows the users the maximum amount of functionality.

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