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Ufaucet Modern Commercial Lead-free Solid Brass Single Lever Review


Remodeling kitchens or updating some simple features requires a lot of decision making. The market is hoarded with options to choose from. Modern kitchens come loaded with a host of features. Kitchen fixtures or have also evolved to fit modern necessities. Picking up kitchen appliances or fixtures depend upon the look of the kitchen.

Faucets now come in different shapes, colors, and finishes. Selecting the right faucet is essential. The sink is the most crucial functional aid of the kitchen. The kitchen faucets are used multiple times in a day, and they also complement the style of your kitchen. Modern kitchens, mostly use stainless steel sinks and faucets.


Ufaucet kitchen sink faucetis lead-free. It comes in an antique oil rubbed bronze finish. The solid brass construction makes it a very durable product. The overall build quality is quite good. The faucet works with both hot and cold water. The tap sports an exquisite design which makes it suitable for various kitchen styles. It is also compatible with most kitchen sinks. Installing kitchen fixtures require a lot of time and money. The process needs to cut and drill walls and cabinets. Depending on what is to be changed, it is a messy job. People always opt for reliable fixtures that will last. The sturdy build quality of the Ufaucet kitchen faucet makes it the perfect fit.

Class-leading features of Ufaucet Kitchen Sink Faucet

Industry-leading Durability

The faucet is known to be very reliable. The product can easily handle the beating from regular usage. The solid brass structure is like no other. The stainless steel finish on the product protects it from rust and corrosion. The sprayer head of the faucet is made out of abs plastic. Plastic heads last longer and are easy to clean. Spray heads also prevent rusting. It exceeds all longevity standards in the industry for its well-engineered use of components. It uses ceramic valves as opposed to traditional metal valves. The valves are tested for more than 500000 cycles to ensure durability. The performance of the product is improved considerably by the use of high-quality components. Stainless steel pipes are used for water supply lines.

Convenience of Use

The faucet packs in a lot of features to make it suitable for the modern household. It comes with a unique water feature that can mix both hot and cold water. A segment-first feature that makes it more practical and desirable. Another notable feature is its swiveling spouts. The faucet increases its utility with a 360 swivel head. The movement allows it to be more functional than traditional taps. The action is super smooth, which makes it easy to handle. Installing the faucet is also simple. It fits in both 1 and 3 holed sinks. A base plate (escutcheons) is supplied with the box contents.

The faucet comes with an integrated pull-down faucet to make things super convenient. It seems like the designers have taken care of every detail. Traditional valves cause wastage if water while used for washing. The faucet is equipped with a pause button to save water. Hold down the button to pause the water flow. Filling up utensils is a breeze with it. The stream function fills utensils quickly and accurately. The sprayer functional is another notable feature of this faucet. The jet of water easily washes vegetables, fish, meat, and salad.

Pull-down Spray Kitchen Faucet

The faucet is designed to fit with every kitchen cabinet. The 20-inch height is idle to fit into most kitchens. Inside the faucet is a retractable nylon hose. The hose can be extended up to a length of 20 inches. The retractable hose offers several advantages. It can reach all areas of the kitchen sink. It allows you to fill up large and heavy utensils that will not fit in the tub. The faucet head also has a few features like jet and stream functions. With the retractable hose, these functions allow it to be used for a range of tasks. The functionality takes it way ahead of the competition.

Stainless steel faucet Pipes

Traditional Faucets have always suffered from rust and corrosion. Water supply lines made from iron also affected by corrosion. Ufacucet worked out a solution to this problem. All the parts prone to corrosion are made out of rust-proof materials. TheUfacucet kitchen sink Faucetfeatures stainless steel supply lines. Stainless steel is corrosion free and lasts longer than traditional pipes. Most manufacturers avoid stainless steel pipes for cost-cutting. Ufaucet offers their products at a reasonable price but never compromise on the quality. High-quality stainless steel pipes are durable and last for a very long time.

Ceramic Disc valves

Ufaucet uses valves made out of ceramic. The disc valves are designed to last longer than usual. The internal valve has various parts. The thick ring allows for a smooth and steady flow of water. Next comes the ceramic seal. Ceramic seal aids to make the structure more stable. The valves are also made of ceramic. Ceramic valves prevent dripping, thereby saves water. The abs plastic cartridge inside the faucet is very durable. All these cleverly crafted components surpass industry quality standards. Old-school taps always used standard valves that fail due to corrosion. The faucet is known to be sturdy. The long-lasting characteristics make it very practical and desirable.

Technical Specifications

Faucet part-number


Weight of item

6.17 pounds

Dimensions of Package

26.1 x 10.3 x 2.9 inches

Colour of Faucet

Brushed Nickel


Brushed Nickel

Item Pakage


Number of Handles


Number of Holes




In the Box

Kitchen sink faucet

23.6 inch (60 cm) long Hot & Cold Water Hoses,3/8" female compression thread with 1/2" adapters

Mounting hardware

Hole Cover (Deck Plate)


In the Box

  • Kitchen sink faucet
  • 23.6 inch (60 cm) long Hot & Cold Water Hoses,3/8" female compression thread with 1/2" adapters
  • Mounting hardware
  • Hole Cover (Deck Plate)

The conventional old-school sprayers are always malfunctioning or breaking, and the faucet has been built for the purpose. It is challenging to find a suitable product. The Ufaucet Kitchen faucet has been developed to address this issue. During remodeling your kitchen, you have the chance to select many items, including kitchen faucet. Faucets not only supply water in your kitchen, but it is also a valuable tool. Faucets can be both stylish and functional.

The faucet is designed for the modern household. With the retractable hose, you can easily reach all areas of the sink. Rinsing big pots and pans is super convenient with this faucet. The faucet comes with a heavy-duty hose. The commercial spring-style tube is handy. With top-quality features and functions makes working in the kitchen fun. No more you have to deal with erratic water temperatures of regular faucets.

This faucet is equipped with a lever that is used to regulate the temperature. Older faucets are famous for breaking due to corrosion. The valve comes with replaceable ceramic cartridges. It ends the hassle of expensive sprayer replacement after every breakdown. Instead of chrome or cheap plastic, it gets equipped with a solid brass structure for reliability. The hi-arc sprayer has two modes. An aerated water-flow ana powerful spray. Most importantly, you don't have to go to the market for auxiliary hardware. All mounting fitments and water supply lines come in the box.

The faucet is a revolutionary product. It is designed to deal with all previous issues of standard kitchen faucets. Standard faucets are prone to breaking due to corrosion. And also, convenience like the retractable hose and multi-mode water supply not available with old faucets. Ufaucets kitchen faucet can also regulate water temperature by a simple press of a lever. A 360 swivel spout makes it easy to handle. There are several advantages over a regular faucet that makes it a must in a household. It is available for a meager price which is a bonus.

Ufaucet Kitchen sink Faucetspray wand comes with a 20-inch long hose for comfort. Utilization of such a tool makes our everyday tasks enjoyable. It comes with best-pressured spray for rinsing meat, fish, vegetables. It is equally useful for washing and cleaning utensils. It is the first hot and cold water control kitchen faucet. This feature allows for steady temperature control, unlike standard faucets.

The most striking feature of the faucet is its affordability. Modern technology and style are a bonus for this product. All necessary functions are cleverly bundled into one. The design easily blends with the rest of your kitchen. It also creates an elegant ambiance with its brushed nickel finish. The simplicity of this device is also very convenient. The Faucet sports a 2-feature spray for everyday use as well as heavy-duty rinsing. 360 spout head swiveling brings power at your finger-tips.

In terms of quality, it exceeds all industry standards. It is one of the most remarkable faucets available right now. The faucet has a central 1-hole secure installation system, and a sturdy brushed finish prevents discoloration and corrosion. The design of the faucet is arched and stands high to allow room for sinks and pots. The 360 rotation of the faucet gives more room to the clutter in the sink. The stainless steel exteriors and fitments for the tap, making it usable even in outdoor conditions. And not to forget the ceramic valves that help to maintain a steady, and smooth flow of water.

The faucet operates smoothly from the handle as well as the pull-out handle. For the price, it is the best product. The sprayer works perfectly for washing. It also aids quick and accurate fill-up. It switches between the two modes quickly. The water pause feature helps save water. It continues to stay with the same settings, even after shutting off. The weight of the hose is appropriate makes it easy to move. The weight helps to keep the sprayer head in place during use. Retractable hose stretches to reach all areas of the sink. It also slides back in position effortlessly. It is a beautiful faucet that is functional and looks good on the countertop.

A kitchen faucet is an essential tool. Used multiple times in a day, makes it one of the most used appliances in the kitchen. Taps need to be durable to take the beating of everyday use. The primary function of faucets is supplying water, hence are prone to rust and corrosion. Breakdowns are often expensive as it requires complete replacement of heads. Replacing your old kitchen faucets is not always done for better aesthetics. Modern faucets have several advantages over old ones.

Consider upgrading to new faucets while planning for a makeover. It ends the hassle of regular Maintenance and reduces expenses. This faucet is affordable and long-lasting. The Ufaucets Modern Kitchen Faucet is lead-free, and the solid-brass construction is the most durable. It offers a range of features for an amazingly low price of $59.99. It is a bargain at this price point.
ufaucet kitchen faucet

The brushed nickel finished exteriors look excellent. The brushed nickel exteriors resist scratches and corrosion. Ceramic valves also prevent rusting. Ceramic valves are replaceable when needed. Thus, reducing maintenance costs. Ceramic valves effectively reduce dripping. The hot-cold water control feature is useful for everyday purposes.

A massive range of kitchen fixtures is available in the market. Different manufacturers different price brackets but very few cater to the needs of the consumer. Consumers always look for excellent products. Products that are pocket-friendly yet durable and utilizable. It requires less maintenance and lasts over the decades. But very few cheap products are reliable. Affordable products are infamous for poor quality, and reliability issues are always there with inferior products. TheUfaucet kitchen sink faucetis an exception.

It is the first single-handle pull-down faucet that is built for durability. It ensures long-lasting performance with its solid brass construction. The lead-free cartridges ensure uninterrupted use. Ceramic valves provide leak-free performance. 360 spout swivel makes it highly functional. The simple pull-down spray wand is unique and useful. Fill pots and pan quickly with the stream function. Thoroughly wash vegetables and meat using the sprayer. Save water with the simple hold of a button. Stainless steel supply pipes ensure long-lasting leak-free performance. The quality of the product is undoubtedly the best in the industry. Consumers get a 10-year warranty on purchase of theUfaucet Kitchen Sink Faucet.

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